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File Approved is a simple solution for sending files for review. Just upload the file, send the link, and the review can add comments or give their approval. Easy to use and has no unnecessary features. Website Link:

File Approved is the quickest and easiest way to send files to get approved. Upload the file, send the link, and let the viewer submit notes or approve it. Nothing to learn and no features nobody used.

So, rather than cram as many features as we could like everybody else, we made it fast and easy. File Approved has the features you want, which is all you really need.

With FileApproved, YOU get to set what info you need from the reviewer. Upload a file, and make a note for yourself (only visible to you). Send the file to the reviewer by hitting the "copy link" button! The receiver can to view the file and comment or approve the file.

Once the receiver approves the file, you will get an approval receipt, so you have proof that the file was approved. No more back and forth, he-said, she-said.

File Approved is so easy, anyone can approve a file. There aren't a lot of complicated features to learn or use, just either comment on the file or approve it. That's it! With a simple interface, no file-versioning, and instant approval, it is the quickest and easiest way to get files approved by anyone!



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